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Japanese Sword Circa 1740

-Japanese Sword “TACHI” -Type: KAWCHI-NO-KAMI “TONTO” -Genre: Mounted WAKIZASKI blade -Ascribed to: “KUNISUKI” (Shinto, circa 1740) -Sword is Complete with MENUKIS; TSUBA; KOSUKA; and FUCHI-KASHIRA, SHAKUDO set. All black with gold and copper inlay, and AIK. Wood...

1963 Fender Jazzmaster Electric Guitar

Check out this 1963 Fender Jazzmaster Electric Guitar. It's a rare,very collectible guitar that is in great working order. We made a video https://youtu.be/Du7g05VF_8w . So you can see it for yourself.Or you can come by and see it in person and we even allow you to...

Roman Coin says German ?

We have had this coin in our collection for many years. It is absolutely spectacular in many ways. Here is the full description that we acquired with this coin. Roman Coin says German. Yes, it is a 81-96 AD. Denarius. Rome, 88 AD. 3.33g. Obv. leg. var. of BM-115 and...

Breitling Colt Automatic watch for sale

SOLD. Item is one used Breitling Colt BTA1731311-C934SS Automatic Man's watch for sale.This watch looks and works great.This one comes with boxes,papers,and hand tag.It is in beautiful condition and would make a great gift.We currently have listed for sale on Ebay....



(714) 850-0233


(714) 850-0233


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